Introduction to Weifang

      Weifang is the famous world kite capital. It is situated in the middle of Shandong Peninsula, with Yishan Mountain in the south, Bohai Sea in the north, Qingdao and Yantai, the two famous harbors cites in the east and Jinan, Zibo and Dongying in the west. Situated in the east monsoon temperate zone, from 118o10’ to 102o01’ east longitudes and from 35o43’ to 37o26’ north latitudes, Weifang enjoys a pleasant climate with four distinct seasons in a year, with an average temperature of 12.2oC, an precipitation of over 700mm and a frost-free period of 185 to 211 days. Geological condition is comparatively stable, with no severe natural disasters in a long time.
      With an area of 15,800 square kilometers and a population of 8.5 million, it includes 4 districts, 6 county-level cities, 2 counties, one State-level export processing zone, one state-level high-new technological Development zone and 14 provincial economic development zones. The overall cultivating area is 10.54 million mu. The terrain of Weifang is south high and north low, plains in the middle with 57.7% of the total area. There are mountains and hills in the south, coastal plains in the north. The coastal line is 113 kilometers.
      Weifang used to belong to Qingzhou, a cluster of stores and markets. It prospered in mechanical industry, well-known with “Suzhou in the South and Weixian in the North”in Ming and Qing Dynasties. Weifang people have been deeply influenced by Confucius and Mencius thoughts, honest, warm-hearted, faithful, trustworthy, responsible and ready to accept the new ideas and cultures.
       In 2006, Shandong and Guangdong became the two provinces with the gross economy exceeding 2,000 billion yuan RMB, with 712.2 billion yuan RMB of total retail of consumables. In it, Weifang had fulfilled 172.09 billion yuan RMB regional gross production, 17.77 billion yuan of total financial revenue, 8.85 billion yuan of regional financial revenue. It has 4,171 enterprises with moderate scale, with sales revenue of 352.7 billion yuan, 10% of the total of Shandong province, 1% of the total of the whole country. It is the city with quickest development, and one of the cities with the best cultural resources and the best living and security conditions. In the recent years, the income and also the purchasing capacity of the residents both in the urban and rural areas have apparently increased. In 2006, the retail of the consumables amounts to 57.36 billion yuan. The average income for the residents in the urban area is 11,846 yuan, 14.8% increase than last year, and the expenditure per person is 8,816 yuan, 15.1 % increase than last year. The average income for the residents in the rural area is 5,508 yuan, 9.8% increase than last year, and the expenditure per person is 3,565 yuan, 12.5 % increase than last year. The well-known electronic shops like Gome, Sanlian and Suning, together with Weifang Zhongbai Electronic shop, have settled in? Weifang and strive to explore the market of Weifang and the surrounding area. According to the target set at the beginning of the year, 2007 is expected to have 15% increase of the regional gross production output, 15% increase of consumables retail, 9% and 7% increase of income respectively for the city dwellers and peasants. There is still large space for the sales of telecommunication systems and other consumables.
       Weifang is famous for its tourism and culture. It is the headquarter of the International Kite Association and the World Kite Capital. The Weifang? International Kite Festival held every year, with its unique traditional culture, has attracted visitors both at home and abroad. Weifang has established relationship of economic cooperation and cultural exchange with more than 100 countries and districts. It is the sister city with Anyang in South Korea, Hyuga in Japan, Freiberga Xin region in Germany, Pueblo in America and East Gippsland in Australia. Since 1984, Weifang has successfully hosted 24 international kite festivals, 9 international vegetable expositions, 12 Shandong-Taiwan Economic-Trading Conference. Shandong-Taiwan Economic-Trading Conference is one of the four biggest economic activities in Shandong. It promotes the economic and cultural exchanges and cooperation with Taiwan and other countries in the world. It has significant influence in the world. Weifang, as the host of the Shandong-Taiwan Economic-Trading Conference, has attracted more than 1,000 foreign enterprises from Japan, Korea, Taiwan and other countries to settle in Weifang including more than 140 Korean enterprises.
       With more than 4 billion yuan invested every year to the infrastructure and related projects in the downtown area, the city has taken on a new look. The green coverage is 37.2%, the rate of fine air quality reaches 97.6%, and water quality all meets the standard. It has been awarded “the model city of environmental protection”, “state-level tourist city”, “city with unique charms”, “provincial garden city” and “Chinese Living Environment Award”.
  In the recent years, Weifang has expanded opening with whole dimensions. With the service concept of “Investor is God”, Weifang has put the improvement of economic environment as an essential step for further development and strived for the best investment environment. At present, there have been 16 world top-500 enterprises including America Caterpillar lnc., Japan Itochu Corporation and JFEC and many other well-known domestic enterprises in Weifang.